Agile Marketing is an ethos and a set of principles that helps marketers get the right things done, quicker and more effectively than through traditional routes.

It’s too easy for action to be delayed through countless amendments, trying to hit the ‘right’ result. We suggest that these protracted processes are no longer fit for purpose in today’s business environment. Better to prioritise your ‘must haves’ accurately, and release your best ‘minimum viable product’ at the earliest possible time.

You can do this by keeping a constant focus on what your business needs right now. There’s no point in using time and resources to plan in detail for six months’ time. Things change.

These are the principles we live by, and recommend to you. They are slightly adapted from the Agile Business Consortium’s Agile Project Management (AgilePM®) framework.

8 Principles for Agile Marketing:

  1. Focus on getting value for the business
    Identify and prioritise what the business needs most, now
  2. Deliver on time
    Set the right level of content, to make sure it can be delivered on time, without missing opportunities
  3. Collaborate
    Work closely with everyone involved to build a common understanding – particularly those closest to the customer
  4. Never compromise quality
    Quality affects your brand and must be protected
  5. Create incrementally from firm foundations
    Always start with discovery to understand the outcome the business needs. Consider releasing the result in phases, so value can start to be achieved while the later stages of a project are evolving
  6. Develop iteratively
    Share how what you’re working on is shaping up, welcome feedback, and use that to improve the next version
  7. Communicate continuously and clearly
  8. Demonstrate control
    Agile marketers avoid lengthy reports, preferring action and pragmatic results tracking to resource-draining documentation.
    Control over projects is still vital, and our straightforward project management methods ensure a disciplined approach for everything we do.

Prisma Broadcast is an organisational member of the Agile Business Consortium