Client Stories

Consider this – documentary production techniques meet corporate marketing and communication. Digital marketing meets rich media. Traditional journalism meets documentary film analysis. Powerful copywriting meets visual storytelling.

Now add the robust process and attention to detail needed to build a film, to the principles of Agile project management and you have a powerful framework built on over 50 years' combined experience of telling and creating meaningful stories of success.

When Hax met Pam, two visions came together to create a rare and valuable hybrid. (We believe that, but invite you to decide for yourself.)

Who is Hax?

Hax is a true creative, whose story has taken him through fine art photography, advertisement shoots, motion graphics, script writing, production planning and documentary filmmaking. His stills have been seen in magazines such as Vogue, and he was stills photographer on the Colin Firth history channel production ‘People Speak’.

Also for the history channel, Hax wrote, produced and directed the documentary Africa's Greatest Explorer, for The History Channel UK. Hisfour monthlong journey took him 2500 miles across East Africa, following in the footsteps of Joseph Thomson across Maasailand. Thomson’s original photography has been lost to the world and so, in this extraordinary project, Haxcreated not only the documentary itself, but a collection of 14,000 photographs taken from the expedition, which were exhibited in Los Angeles, Chicago, New York and London. 195 of these can be found in his ‘coffee-table style’ book ‘Through Masaailand’.

Today Hax uses his keen eye, ability to ‘find the story’, planning skills and strategic thinking to help businesses of all sizes make effective use of video and film. His profound belief in the value of video for businesses, has led him to build a deep understanding of digital marketing techniques – one that enables businesses to see a tangible return on investment from everything that Hax produces.

Who is Pam?

Pam’s marketing communications career has taken her from initial training in a large corporate, through creative management in London’s West End, to journalism and editing, international marketing management, and consultancy. She holds a diploma in digital marketing, is a qualified Agile Project Management Practitioner, and has been published in a range of creative and business magazines.

She started with excellenttraining from the Racal Electronics Group, working across events, brochures, advertising, PR and hospitality. She was Racal’s first female stand manager at the Farnborough Air Show, where she carried one of the first (large and heavy) Vodafones (Vodafone was part of Racal). She project managed and wrote the brochure for the first Skyphoneresearch consortium, and gained the foundation skills on which shehas built her career.

Becoming marketing manager for a top creative services group further developed her design and production management skills, and provided an opportunity to be known as a feature writer for design and graphic production magazines.Pam returned to corporate life to do international marketing, starting in IT and moving to project management software.

Her broad range of experience, and her belief in pragmatism and productivitydrives her to help organisations achieve their strategic goals by aligning every aspect of their marketing communications.