We’re working on a video for this page. In the mean time a short message from our CEO Hax

"I come from a creative background. I started out as a professional photographer in London, working as a photojournalist and a catalogue photographer. Working with art directors and clients provided me with a grounding in controlling production briefs and budgets. I was fortunately enough to be able to respond to creative challenges and I found myself appreciating the aesthetics of a good composition. I loved stills photography and was living the dream. That is until I discovered the power and creativity of moving images.

My journey from stills photography to video was made at a time when photographs was taken on film and video was captured on magnetic tape. Digital video was an emerging technology so when I discovered the digital editing I discovered the art of filmmaking. Turning a series of moving sequences into a film narrative transported me to an entirely new level of creativity. I loved it.

I went from filming steam engine video to filming wildlife to making documentaries in a relatively short space of time. Then I thought that I would bring the what I had learned making documentaries and bring it to the business sector. 

Making films for business and helping business tell their stories in entertaining and engaging ways helped me build my first business Hax Media. But then I soon realised that to make video work properly for business there needed to be purpose and strategy behind the videos I produced. 

So I found myself embarking on yet another creative journey where I my learning curve was making videos work for my clients. The result is Prisma Broadcast."