Abbies Army

Abbie’s Army is a children's charity dedicated to raising awareness of a rare cancer known as DIPG. The charity was founded by a couple whose daughter had sadly died from the disease. 

The charity approached us to make a fundraising film for them. After understanding more about DIPG, we learned that this particular cancer affects the brainstem and that there is no treatment. After much discussion, we chose to make a hard-hitting film that told Abbie’s story through her parents, and combining it with the help of a brave family whose daughter was suffering from the disease.

The film was premiered at an 'invitation only' event held for a few loyal supporters, and it raised way more than the film's production budget that evening. The film continues to raise funds for the charity through its website and its social media.

The reason it has been such a success for Abbie’s Army is three-fold. Firstly, the powerful use of video. Secondly, the use of sensitive yet strong storytelling. Thirdly, because there was a series of deliberate campaigns run using the film. A clear demonstration of how a sustainable strategy is productive when leveraging video as a marketing tool - whether a charity, business or other organisation.

You can watch the fundraising film we made below. The story may be upsetting but it shows what brave children and their families are going through - and what’s being done to fight the disease.



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