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Raising money whether you’re a charity or a business is about telling a good story. Harness the art of storytelling to create empathy, build compelling arguments, and fuel growth for both charities and businesses.

Corporate and charity fundraising is a crucial endeavor that requires persuasive communication to inspire action. At Prisma Broadcast, we understand that the key to success lies in telling a good story. By crafting engaging video content, we help businesses and charities build empathy and form compelling arguments for their causes.

A well-told story has the remarkable ability to connect with viewers on an emotional level, fostering a deep sense of empathy. Whether it's showcasing the struggles of individuals benefiting from a charity or highlighting the transformative impact of a business initiative, storytelling captures attention and generates genuine understanding.

For charities, effective storytelling can be the catalyst for raising much-needed funds. By painting a vivid picture of the beneficiaries' experiences, the audience is compelled to act, motivated by the desire to make a positive change in the world. These narratives bridge the gap between donors and recipients, reinforcing the importance of contributing to the cause.

Similarly, businesses can leverage storytelling to secure funding for growth and expansion. By presenting a captivating narrative that showcases their vision, achievements, and potential, they inspire investors to believe in their journey. Engaging videos can evoke emotions, building trust and confidence in the business's ability to deliver a return on investment.

In summary, storytelling through video content is a powerful tool for both charities and businesses. It cultivates empathy, compels action, and forges connections that drive positive change. At Prisma Broadcast, we're passionate about helping you communicate your message effectively, ensuring your story resonates with your audience and maximises your impact.

Real World

The Problem

Typical Problems

  • Building a compelling case: Creating a persuasive case for funding is crucial.

  • Establishing credibility and trust: Financial lenders and investors often prioritise organisations with a strong track record, credibility, and a proven ability to deliver results.

  • Managing financial documentation: Fundraising typically involves extensive financial documentation

Our Solutions

1. Interactive videos allow organisations to present their mission, impact, and success stories in a visually engaging and compelling way.
2. Offer the flexibility to include various interactive elements such as clickable hotspots, quizzes, and surveys..
3. Interactive videos can showcase the tangible outcomes and results achieved by the organisation.
4. Interactive videos can break down complex financial information into easily digestible visual representations.

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