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We specialise in leveraging the power of video to streamline business communication. Discover how our solutions automate processes, enhance onboarding processes, and save costs.

We understand the importance of efficient business communication. When it comes to client and staff onboarding, video content can be a game-changer. Our video solutions enable you to automate processes, eliminating the need for repetitive tasks and saving valuable time for your staff.

By utilising engaging videos, you can provide comprehensive information to clients and staff, ensuring a smooth onboarding experience. Whether it's introducing new clients to your services or familiarising new employees with your company culture and procedures, video content simplifies the process.

Moreover, video communication eliminates the need for unnecessary face-to-face meetings, reducing the strain on your staff's time and resources. Instead of spending hours onboarding each client or employee individually, videos can efficiently convey the required information while allowing for flexibility in accessing the content at their convenience.

By leveraging the power of video, businesses can significantly reduce costs associated with traditional onboarding methods. The scalability and reusability of video content make it a cost-effective solution, enabling you to reach a larger audience while saving on expenses.

Transform your onboarding process with Prism Broadcast and harness the power of video to automate, streamline, and save costs for your business.

Real World

The Problem

Typical Problems

  • Traditional onboarding methods often fail to engage new customers

  • Onboarding processes can be complex, involving multiple steps, forms, and procedures

  • Many organisations struggle to deliver personalised onboarding experiences.

Our Solutions

Our Solution

1. Enhanced Engagement: Interactive videos provide an engaging and immersive experience for new customers.
2. Simplified Processes: Interactive videos can guide new customers through complex onboarding processes.
3. Personalisation Opportunities: Interactive videos can be customised to deliver personalised onboarding experiences.

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