We make videos, of course, but we like to call them films. Do you need one for your Business?

We call them films because, more often than not, they are a narrative - a story that produces a result. 

We take a brief from our client. We clearly define the objective of the video, or what goal it needs to achieve, and how it will integrate and operate within a deployment strategy. We then design the Narrative and the call to action. Next, we produce a shot list and storyboard as required.

The next step is to produce the film. First, collecting all the sequences, interviews, the graphics, voice-overs and music we need. Secondly, pulling everything together to produce the draft edit. We seek approval from our client and once obtained, we finish the edits, mix the sound and prepare the Master in required formats. 

Finally we deliver the film to the client ready for the intended deployment. 

To discuss your ideas and explore possibilities, give us a call.

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