During periods of internal change and organisational transformation, regular communication is critical to ensure that employees and stakeholders feel a part of the change process.

Creating your communication strategy

We understand the issues surrounding change management and can help you create your strategy to communicate change, to all the groups affected. By integrating communications across all the channels available, including social media, you can really get your message across. Focusing on a skilful combination of text and video, we will work alongside you to make sure that information is meaningful and memorable for everyone.

Staying visible

When change is in the air, it’s important for leaders to be visible and personally paint a picture of how the future will look, so that people can start to see where their part in that future lies. We know your leaders will do that face-to-face, but why not capture that and also reinforce it with shorter video reminders. Video is not only engaging but it’s an easy way for people to digest new information, no matter how busy they are.

By offering text pages with short personal video addresses, people can choose whether to view the video or scan the headlines, or read the full text. Empowering audiences to absorb information in the way that works best for them at the time, making it easy to refer back to and ensuring that everyone is kept ‘in the know’ and up to date.


Video communicates human-to-human (H2H), it taps into emotions and helps people to feel personally spoken to, building trust. Where a change in culture or behaviour is a part of a transformation, music, imagery, storytelling techniques and case studies can be used to shift perceptions, and take people with you towards a changed future.

We’re happy to offer informal advice on communicating change and to discuss how video can be integrated into your strategy.

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