Integrated Video Products

We have designed a range of video products for specific tasks. They produce results.

Integrated Video Products

The world is an exciting place for marketers. Technology is offering more and more new ways to communicate with our target markets – but all too often this results in confusion. So... 

Prisma Broadcast has a range of video products that we have developed over recent years. We call these 'products' as they are designed to integrate with - and function within - a system or a process. In some cases, there is more than one video. Not only do we produce the videos, but we design and help implement their deployment. 

These video products are used to build leads, convert prospects into sales, as well as encourage existing customers to buy more. They can educate, promote and launch details of products; in a way that tracks interest and guides prospects to opt into information channels - that capture contact details, develop prospects and convert sales. 

These products can also be used in campaigns that build the brand, launch products and services, as well as prequalify prospects into specific pre-sale channels to fast track desired outcomes. 

We are currently building a new interactive product video.


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