The word 'strategy' often conjures up images of large documents – the type that often remain unimplemented.  A more Agile perspective on strategy is simply knowing why you're doing something and how that adds value for your customers and your business.

Whilst we're quite happy to produce a video for you, set up an email campaign, write web content, or support any other area of your communications programme, we will always ask you 'Why?' 

When you tell us something that you believe to be true, we may well ask 'How do you know?'

Agile marketing relies on the principle of continual improvement, constantly reviewing, checking results and feedback and then passing that insight into the next steps. With everything we do, we're looking for ways to improve the results you see for your business. Improved communication leads to improved relationships, and building relationships is what ultimately delivers the bottom line figures on which your organisation depends. 

By having a strategic approach, and understanding what each part of your communications programme contributes towards your overall goals, we can measure success and protect the value of your marketing investment.

Robust Discovery Process

Marketing strategy should work towards achieving your organisational goals. By taking you through our robust discovery process, we'll help you surface what you're looking to achieve, what drives you and your teams, and importantly what will motivate your audiences to take action and engage with you.  Our discovery process will establish the firm foundations on which any Agile initiatives relies.  Our succinct report will identify:

  • The unique story behind your business
  • The varying audiences that impact your business – influencing as well as buying 
  • What motivates your buyers and influencers?
  • The unique value only you can offer your audiences
  • Ways to communicate with your audiences and to drive action

We encourage our customers to be strategic in everything they do; to identify desired outcomes, how they leverage their business narrative and the way in which they communicate.