The world is an exciting place for marketers. Technology is offering more and more new ways to communicate with our target markets – but all too often this results in confusion.

It’s critical to take a strategic approach to understand how video marketing may contribute to achieving your goals. Video is a highly effective way to communicate in today’s digital world, but its role needs to be considered in context, and relative to the other content channels that you’re using.

At Prisma our mantra is ‘it takes all the colours of the spectrum to create a bright light’. You simply can’t forget to integrate your messaging, and then expect the right results. 

Video gives you the opportunity to deliver bite size pieces of information that are really easy for people to absorb, giving them the option to choose whether they invest more time in reading or watching more content.

We believe there are several levels to a sound video marketing strategy, from simple smartphone filming through to professionally purposed footage. You will likely not use them all, but whenever and wherever you use video, we’ll help you do it well. By focusing on quality you’ll protect your brand and engage your audiences and stakeholders.

Levels of Video 

Whilst we’re always happy to provide a film crew, we’d like to think that video will become so central to your communications strategy that you’ll use it wherever possible. This is going to mean being able to self-produce video to catch the critical moments that can be so valuable to share on social media. Don’t worry, we can guide you through this so you can be confident of creating quality results.

Setting up Channels 

Once you start using video, you’re going to need to set up your YouTube, Vimeo or other video channels correctly. This is important. There’s so much potential to take people on a journey that will leave them with a deeper understanding about what you and your organisation are really about. You also need to have ‘one eye’ on SEO. Never to be prioritised over authentic communication and engagement, but important to consider nonetheless.

Funnels and Data Capture

How many people do you have on your database? Would you like more?

Videos are a fantastic offering to encourage people to want to hear from you regularly. From a video, they can absorb information easily – and everyone wants to be well informed. 

How do you make people want to hear from you, learn from you, and engage with you?

By sharing what you know and building a relationship with them.

Video is increasingly recognised as the leading way to achieve this, and we have the skills to make it happen.