Video Training

In-House content production is a strong strategy. Having the skillsets to design and produce content within your team can bring great benefits.

Video Training 


It has been our experience that within organisations there are members who would respond well to creative challenges such as simple video content production. It’s also our observation that, in smaller organisations, budgetary constraints prevent a more comprehensive approach.

For this we have built an educative framework that empowers those team members - by giving them the skill sets they need to produce content. We teach basic to intermediary video production skills. We recommend the right equipment to procure and the training we provide will make good use of this equipment. 

We offer editing and deployment support, to reduce the learning curve and expedite the content production to market that organisation.

If you would like to know more about our training programs, please use the email contact form below and we’ll send you a small brochure explaining the courses and the levels of competency.

Progress 'real work' while training

All our training is based on interactive workshops, so that you can bring ‘real work’ to the sessions and leave feeling that projects have been significantly progressed. These workshops are designed to give you practice in key skills, to improve your confidence across all aspects of in-house video production and video marketing. All our courses are modular, and easily tailored to offer you precisely what you and your teams need – addressing the specific challenges that are slowing down your communications programmes right now.

Here are some modules you may want to consider:

  • Strategic Content Planning
  • Acquisition and Editing
  • Filming with your Smartphone
  • Setting up a Studio and Filming on Pro-Cameras
  • Setting up Video Platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo
  • Being Confident on Camera

To discuss workshops for your organisation
Call and ask for  Hax on +44 (0)1233 511151

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