General Terms and Conditions

Prisma Broadcast 

Whilst Prisma Broadcast believes in doing business under conditions of mutual trust and collaboration, we understand the need to clarify the parameters under which we work. We have attempted to do so below, in plain English and without purposeless bureaucracy. If you believe there is a gap in the information we’ve provided, please let us know and we will happily discuss amending this document and addressing the oversight. 

Our Commitment

We promise to give you our best attention at all times so that you have our full support to achieve the marketing goals you’ve entrusted to us.

When a client engages us, we work to support and if necessary integrate ourselves into our clients team. We bring strategic advice, framework planning, copy and script writing, video and photographic production. If required we will deploy specialists for example in social media, website & landing pages, CRM management to the clients organisation. We assist at all levels to achieve the clients desired objectives and outcomes.

Our usual working hours are 9:00 until 17:00 UK time. We will make ourselves available outside these hours if a project needs our attention, for example attending an event.

We will treat all the business information you share with us with discretion and confidentiality. If the information shared is not already in the public domain, we shall not make it so without your explicit consent and instruction.

We will never intentionally do or say anything that could be detrimental to your brand or damage the reputation of your organisation. 

The Brief

Prisma Broadcast need to understand exactly what our client’s requirements are. A clear understanding of the the project objectives and desired outcomes, becomes the outline of the brief. Based on initial conversations  and correspondence with the client, our first task is to outline what we interpret the brief to be. We then write it out for the client to confirm. 

This sets out the scope of the project and identifies what elements make up the project and what will be required to achieve its objectives. This includes services and equipment that may be needed also. The brief may include a second phase that will deploy the video content within broadcasting and marketing campaigns.

The Client is required to be open and helpful by providing as much information as possible to help Prisma Broadcast formulate both the Brief and the Budget.

The Production Budget

Before we can proceed, we need to agree the budget with the client. This will be based on the agreed scope of the Brief and the elements required to achieve it. The budget contains three main elements. Discovery and Planning, Principle filming and Post Production. If the client requires support to deploy and broadcast the videos, this element is not part of the Production Budget and is considered to be the Deployment and Broadcast budget. 

Deployment & Broadcast Budget

After the production of the content is complete, and if the client has engaged support to deploy and publish the content then this begins another phase of brief. A further budget is compiled to facilitate this phase. Usually this is done over at least twelve months. The budget is worked out on a monthly basis for the duration of the agreed period and this will be set out in the deal memo.

Agreement and Deal Memo

Once the Brief and Budget are agreed this is set out in a Deal Memo and signed by both parties. The Client and Prisma Broadcast will enter into an agreement to work together. This lays out the brief, the schedule and the elements of the project including the payment terms. The Deal Memo will also outline both the Deliverables and the delivery date.

All dates are considered as a working schedule and may be subject to change due to challenges experienced by either the Client or Prisma Broadcast. Both parties undertake to maintain and keep to the schedule unless  delays are unavoidable. When theses changes are anticipated it is the responsible of either party to report it to the other in a timely manner. 

Invoicing and Payments 

Prisma Broadcast will require and order number for invoicing. The Client will understand that all production invoices become due and are payable within seven days of issue. If this requires special arrangement with the Clients accounting department then they are expected make those arrangements.

In the case of ongoing deployment and campaign support this will either be outlined in the first Deal memo or an addition ‘Support’ memo is issued. 

For Productions Budgets under £3500 a 50% advance is payable on commission of the project prior to discovery and any filming. The balance is payable upon delivery of finished master digital video files.

Unless otherwise agreed for budgets over £3500, the payment structure for the video production will be 30% of the agreed budget payable at the time of engagement and prior to the commencement of Principal Filming. A further 30% of the agreed budget is payable on completion of Principal Filming. The balance of the agreed budget together with any additional costs will be payable on completion of the delivery of the Principal Edit Masters.

If a monthly campaign support package has been commissioned, the fee is due on the 3rd of the Month for the term of the Deal Memo. Invoices are issued on the last day of each month and monies are collected through the service ‘GoCardless’. Alternative arrangements can be made by special agreement.

If for any reason, the brief’s scope changes and necessitate additional work other than outlined in the ‘production plan’ (See Discovery & Planning) we reserve the right to apply additional charges where the goal of a project changes to the extent that significant extra work needs to be done or where there are extensive amendments to original brief agreed. 

Discovery & Planning 

In order to fully understand the video content required and the objectives they are required to achieve, we need to understand the clients business. We need to understand the communication streams they use. This requires Prisma Broadcast to research and discover information about the Clients business. At this point that we define the relevant narratives, identify the processes and design and build the frameworks to carry campaigns. 

We work to understand the every day working of the client organisation so when we come to carry out our work we know the locations, team members and everyday processes that will enable us to film effectively and completely.

We will require the client to co-operate by furnishing Prisma Broadcast’s team with as much relevant information as possible to help facilitate efficient production. Once Discovery is complete and planning begins, we formulate a Production Plan. This is a combination of the brief, the proposed style of the narrative and the final agreed deliverables.

Principal Filming

Principal filming is the stage when all required footage and other content is collected. This includes photography, interviews, B-roll video, reconstructions and screen captures. We will agree with the Client suitable dates and times for crews to collect all the required content. All film crews will have all appropriate equipment required.

Please note: During Government restrictions due to Covid -19, filming and collecting content needs to be carried out safely and under the working recommendation by the government. Prisma Broadcast and its team will need to work the the clients teams to achieve this. Working safely under these guidelines will be planned for during the planning phase of any project.


There are two stages to the editing process:

  1. Offline edit: cuts the pace of the programme ready for voiceover scripting and music composition. Any motion graphics (e.g. titles, credits, maps and diagrams) are added to the edit. At this stage, Client approval on the structure of the edit is sought. Reasonable alterations can be made within the pre-determined programme structure. Additional acquisition as a departure from the agreed structure can be made at any stage and may be subject to an additional charge.
  2. Online edit: fine trimming and mixing, together with colour correction and audio balance. Voiceover is recorded, music composition completed and mixed into the edit. Final Client approval is required before the edit is mixed down to the Edit Master.

Artwork and Graphics

Business and brand logos must be provided as high resolution files ready for ingesting into the edit suite. These must be at least 3000 pixels on the longest dimension or vector based comparable files. If Prisma Broadcast has to prepare these files for post-production, additional charges at our graphics rates may be applied. 

Revisions & Approval

Prisma Broadcast will submit the completed assemble edit to the client for their approval. Any minor corrections or amendments will need to be suggested at this stage.  Any amendments requested that are considered outside the brief or Production Plan may be subject to additional costs.

The Client will be notified of any additional costs incurred and written agreement from the Client will be required before the additional work is undertaken.

Once the assemble edit is approved, the edit is brought to a final finished version. This includes final voice over recording and any agreed music. Colour and sound are graded and adjusted. The Client is shown the video once more and is required to agree and sign off the Edit Master prior to delivery and distribution.


All masters and deliverables as defined in the Production plan and brief will be prepared according to the formats required for the appropriate platforms. This will include formats compatible for use on websites, YouTube, Social Media, Mobile devices, DVD or TV.

Amendments and Additions 

Once the structure and content of the film(s) are agreed at the pre-production stage,Prisma Broadcast will collect the necessary material within the agreed time frame. Any additions or changes to script or structure after the initial agreement may be subject to additional charges relating to time and expenses incurred. Within reason there will be the opportunity to amend any of the edits, however if this involves a departure from the agreed structure in the Production Plan, additional costs may be incurred. 

Amendments or additions can only be made at the Assemble stage. There will only be one opportunity to make changes at this stage. Prisma Broadcast requires the Client to examine all the content of the assemble edit including video, Graphics, Brand Logos and spelling and layout of any text. The client will be require to sign off the assemble edit to proceed to the final edit 


Prisma Broadcast will be responsible for:

  1. Request for information and data as well as deployment access to relevant platforms
  2. Keeping the Client fully informed at each stage of the production process.
  3. Adhering to the proposed schedule as far as reasonably possible.
  4. Providing assemble edits for review at appropriate intervals.
  5. Creating and delivering the agreed films as outlined in the brief.
  6. Working to the agreed budget and informing the Client at the earliest opportunity if the budget may be exceeded.

The Client will be responsible for:

  1. Providing as much information as possible to assist with discovery, scripting and production.
  2. Client to provide any personnel/staff to be included in filming and be responsible for all financial commitments to them.
  3. Providing any artwork, graphics and digital assets required for the production with adequate Rights of Use licences.
  4. Assisting with the facilitation of locations, personnel and props for the production.
  5. Assisting with the provision and preparation of key interviewees together with appropriate locations.
  6. Responding promptly to all communications and requests for information, edit reviews and feedback where appropriate.
  7. To inform Prisma Broadcast of any circumstance that may compromise or delay the financial renumeration of any phase of the work carried out or to be carried out as soon as these circumstances are know by the client.


Prisma Broadcast considers itself the First Owner of Copyright, of all and any material it creates. Unless otherwise agreed in the Deal Memo, Prisma Broadcast shall retain the copyright of such material in perpetuity. 

Any edited content delivered to a client will have a limited ‘rights of use’ licence issued by Prisma Broadcast to the client for the required lifetime of the content. This normal licence will allow the client to use the edited content in what ever capacity outlined in the deal memo brief and for a considered term of use within that brief.

The Client may not re-edit, alter or segment any part of the delivered content without written permission from Prisma Broadcast. The Client may not give away, rent or sell any part of the content delivered by Prisma Broadcast to any third party without the written permission of Prisma Broadcast 

If First Owner of Copyright ownership, or special extended licences are require by the client then this can easily be negotiated and agreed prior to the Deal Memo being signed or indeed at any point during the lifetime of an existing Licence.

Prisma Broadcast will endeavour to obtain all filming releases, contributor releases, stock and artwork licences required for any video sequences, video clips and or graphics included in the delivered content.