In this vlog, Hax talks about the importance of purpose when using video within your marketing. To get the best results, strategically, any video used within an organisation has to have a specific purpose.

How does Agile help Businesses?

This vlog puts an Agile approach forward as a sensible way to do business. It looks at Agile for marketers and the value of dedicating time and resources to the near-term.

Embracing Feedback in Marketing

Our world is increasingly transparent. Neuroscience and behavioural science are guiding us about what makes humans tick. How does this affect the role of emotion in marketing?

Technology has made video creation available to all. What can we do to ensure quality results?


With video, leaders can describe a path through disruption and change, and show how the future can look.

Embracing Feedback in Marketing

In this Vlog Pam Ashby, Co-founder of Prisma Broadcast, talks about the need for marketers to embrace the concept of feedback.

"If you invite and welcome feedback at every stage, and you’re not frightened about what that might be, then you learn what the customer wants. You only need to ask them, and very often that’s something basic that people don’t do. You need to encourage the customer to talk to you about what they really need."

Are Buyers now in Control?

Pam Ashby, co-founder of Prisma Broadcast, reflects on the power now wielded by prospects and the audiences for marketing.

“The buyer is now in complete control,” she confirms. 

Is Video the new DTP?

The world itself is changing really fast and leaving the past far behind, but humans are still humans and certain responses and behaviours just don’t change.

Action over Contemplation – 5 Agile benefits for marketers

“The world can only be grasped by action, not contemplation.”
Jacob Bronowski 

How a pragmatic Agile approach encourages efficiency and productivity.

All Publicity is Good Publicity

It’s tempting to jump when someone offers you a chance to publicise your organisation, your new product, or your service. It may be a good price – but have you assessed the risks?

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