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Our Services

Unlock the potential of your brand with Prisma Broadcast's video communication services. From engaging storytelling to informative visuals, we offer a range of tailored products designed to captivate your audience. Explore our offerings below and let us bring your vision to life.


Your Own A-Team

Imagine having your own team of content producers, to help you design, produce and deploy your productive marketing content. We can provide you with your very own A-Team to cover all the skill sets you would need to create high quality content for your business.

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Interactive Video Frameworks

Interactive Video Frameworks are a great way to allow the viewer to choose what subject they want to found out more about, by pressing the buttons on the screen at certain points of their video journey.

Bespoke Films

Bespoke videos are tailor-made, standalone films with strong narratives that deliver clear and concise messaging about a business, its product or service. They are designed to deliver specific messages and have strong call to actions. 

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Social Bytes

Social Bytes are a low cost video production process filmed ‘Guerrilla Style’ to provide you with regular social media content. We visit your premises or an event and capture live and unrehearsed footage with a GoPro rigged with professional microphones. Then if you need, we can package, schedule and post the content onto social media for you too.

What Our Clients Say

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Michael, Communication Director, Ascentae

"Working with Prisma's A-Team has allowed us to build a more efficient content pipeline and we are seeing fantastic results that have not gone un noticed by senior management"
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