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The Importance of Great Product Explainers

Product Explainers are an important part of sales and after sales. Helping customers is a valuable process. In this article we outline three challenges and offer solutions to overcome them.


Challenges When Building a Great Customer Service

Customer Onboarding helps build loyalty and repeat sales. In this article, we explore three common challenges with it and how video might help overcome them.


Building and Maintaining a Social Media Presence

A Social Media Presence is almost unavoidable for many organisations. Yet maintaining a presence can be an effective marketing strategy, but there is no denying that it's time consuming. Being effective is the key. Let's explore this.


Challenges Around Sales Conversions

When Persuasive Marketing hands over to the Sales Department, prospects need to be converted. We share three common challenges and give potential solutions to them.


The Problems with Lead Generation

Three typical problems with Lead Generation and what we can do to help overcome them.


Why Video is the Number #1 Communication Tool...

Over the last four years, video has consistently proved beyond any doubt that it is the apex communication tool. Yet a huge percentage of small and medium size businesses still need convincing.


Why Every Organisation Should Use Storytelling in Business

Humans have been telling stories for thousands of years. Tribal elders have used stories to pass down history and promote tradition. We tell our children stories so they learn life lessons. Businesses need to be telling stories to build profitable brands - here’s why...


Fighting Austerity with Video

Economic downturns effect most industries, and income suffers. Reacting to downturns positively will help ensure your turnover is unaffected and competitors won’t overtake. This article discusses a strategy to put you in the lead.


Fundraising: Getting the Pitch Right

At some point in an organisation's life, there will be the need to raise funds for growth. We identify three common challenges and offer our video solutions, as a strong supporting content for the pitch.


Common Challenges when Strengthening Customer Onboarding

Customer Onboarding is one of the most common processes in any organisation. We explore three common challenges and offer video solutions to save time and money.


What are HR Training & Onboarding Challenges

Onboarding new staff and training them in HR processes takes time and resources. We discuss three typical challenges and offer some video solutions to overcome them.


The Problems with Brand Awareness

Brand Awareness is high on any organisation's agenda. Here are three common challenges we see, and our potential solutions to overcoming them.


Reflections on Business Growth

Reflecting back on your business should be rewarding, particularly if there has been growth. Looking at successes and the data behind it is important. In this article I reflect on our own growth and why.


Should you do More or Less Marketing?

These are strange times. The economy is in a downturn, but we’re not in recession. Markets have lost confidence, and businesses are not spending. What should businesses be doing in times like these?


All Marketing Roads Must Lead to Your Rome

For a business to truly succeed in nurturing a prospect, that prospect needs to be sent on a deliberate and friction free journey to a specific point, where nurture marketing hands over to the sales process.

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